In this episode I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with my dear friend, colleague and mentor Kate Leiper. Kate is a Psychotherapist and Feminine Embodiment Coach + Teacher…and all round amazing woman!


We explored a lot of territory in our interview ranging from how babies can catalyse our creativity, the power of somatic and embodiment work (and why it was the missing puzzle piece for both of us as we stepped into motherhood and entrepreneurship) and Kate’s definition of a leader in the world today (it’s powerful AF!).


Here’s some more detail of exactly what we covered in this episode:


++Kate’s very relatable story of how Feminine Embodiment found her at the perfect time in her career and life (and the significant impact it had on her!),

++Kate’s biggest challenge in business to date (which I know many women can relate to) and how’s she’s navigating it with grace,

++Why Kate wished she had given herself permission to embrace ALL of herself as she forged her path as a mother and woman in business,

++Her tips on how to live in your creative and sensual potential and the power of pleasure in business. The major mistake I see business owners make when it comes to commitment






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