In Part I  of this series, My Very Personal Fertile Void and What I did to Move Through It,  I promised to bring the ‘woo!’ And I think I’ve delivered!

Just so you know, I haven’t always been into the energetic and woo side of life.

I come from a strong psychology and marketing background with my university education being grounded in science, maths and strategy.

But as I’ve softened, become more curious and opened myself up to new things, I’ve experienced incredible benefits both personally and professionally.

So get ready to read all the woo-woo things and consider how they could potentially benefit you when the time is right.




Put simply, numerology is sacred math and based on your specific birth date (including the time you arrived on this earth) you can understand the purpose of your life and the main lessons you need to learn (as well as a heap of other interesting and useful things!).

I’d always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to have my numerology chart done and a few friends had recommended working with Corie Chu.

It was pretty amazing how my numbers reflected my personality and traits and it was an incredibly supportive and interesting experience.

Here are a few key highlights that I discovered:

  • My Soul Number = 4 – I’m a highly organised, practical person who loves structure (no surprise there!).  I can use my organisational skills to help others (which is what I do with my online strategy clients). But I can often be too rigid and literally box myself in (I have 4 x 4’s in my chart!).
  • My Life Lesson Number = 9 – Nine is all about re-birth, starting afresh and growth. Also, Corie pointed out that it’s quite apt that my business is called Starting With A and it’s the perfect platform for my own continual re-birth and to help others on their own journey. Nine’s are also detail oriented and have great mental focus, which relates to my love of marketing and coaching. However, the down side is that I’m always ‘stuck in my head’ because I am a deep thinker. My life lesson is to surrender, let go and let my heart lead.
  • My Purpose Path Number = 8 – relates to power and strength. People who have an 8 as their purpose path are often good leaders and are well suited to business (this was a relief to hear!). What was interesting to learn was that the power of an 8 comes from patience and feminine energy (rather than the aggressive, ambitious power that I derive from my masculine energy). When I balance this out I’m able to accomplish all my desires and be of service to others.
  • The ‘347’ sequence – I have 2 of these sequences in my chart, which apparently is very exciting! It shows that I have a strong spiritual connection and I’m able to receive precise Divine guidance, which allows me to take appropriate action in my life (which is a benefit to both myself and the people I work with).

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I learned about myself (and my relationship with my husband and daughter).

But the main message I drew from this was that I really need to move from my head into my heart in order to stay on track.

Plus I need to focus on balancing out my masculine energy with my feminine soul gifts (very similar to what I learned from my psychic reading!).



Diving into my personal Akashic record was also something that had me intrigued and when I felt the time was right I worked with my friend and coaching colleague Siobhan Barnes.

Shiv specialises in corporate coaching, working with driven women, however she does the Blue Print readings as one offs for people who are interested.

The Akashic Records are a library of records where you can “go” etherically and
look up someone’s “soul record.”

This is done using your full name at birth, date of birth and place of birth. The soul record contains information about all the soul’s lifetimes, origins and past and offers up a wealth of information about your life purpose, past, and soul gifts.

My experience with Shiv was a pure gift.

She pulled together everything that I had been told from my psychic reading and numerology reading and the records added so much depth including my energy centres of training, my soul gifts and their archetypes, my intuitive gift of Claircognizance, my spiritual traditions and beliefs, my specific life lessons + a whole heap more!

It was like all the puzzle pieces were magnetically pulling together and painting a picture that made sense to me!

Briefly, here’s what I discovered:

  • I’m a star traveller and I was incarnated in the star system. Star travellers identify as light workers, are deeply intuitive and know that they’re here to  contribute  their  energies  and  gifts in  order  to  raise  the  vibration  of  Earth  and  to  raise  the  consciousness  of  Earth’s  people.  As ‘woo’ as this is, it explains why I’m so drawn to coaching and personal and spiritual development work,
  • In a  nutshell  I’m here  to  teach  and  share  my story.  By doing this I’m inspiring others (hence, why I’m sharing all of this in this epic email series!),
  • I’m a natural born story teller and I’m able to break down complex concepts and ideas into easy to understand nuggets of gold,
  • My intellectual empathy helps me  to  support  others  in  achieving  their breakthroughs,
  • While  I’m  a  great  listener and  natural  coach  for  others  I’m  also  highly strategic  and able  to  see  the  bigger  picture,
  • I’m a natural creative  and able  to  come  up  with  innovative  solutions  and  deliver  them  in  a  beautiful  way.

As a result of working with Shiv, I walked away feeling confident that I’m actually on the right path.

I now have the confidence to own my unique gifts and talents and that I shouldn’t shy away from using them!



Seeing as though I’d been told that I was highly intuitive and that I’d really benefit from deepening my gifts, I was then given the opportunity to work with Nathalie Sommer.

Now my Hong Kong friends will know that Nat is my very dear friend who’s also an incredible coach. Although Nat specialises in relationship and intimacy coaching, she also has years of experience working as an intuitive and spiritual development coach.

I’m not going to lie, doing this kind of work really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I constantly thought ‘Who am I to do this kind of work? I’m such a fraud!’ But Nat has the amazing ability to put you instantly at ease and the way she quickly connects with your energy is rather magical!

From working with Nat I’ve been able to:

  • Understand exactly what my gifts of claircognizance (the gift of psychic knowing) and clairvoyance (the psychic ability to “see” images, symbols, and visions) are and how I can use them to benefit both myself and my clients,
  • Open up to my own psychic and healing abilities. (I’ve been able to interpret my dreams (that I used to just discount), work with my guides and and even do energetic room clearings and distant energy healings.
  • Protect my energy, especially when working with clients. This has been HUGE because instead of feeling completely drained after client sessions we both leave feeling pumped and excited.
  • Experience and feel a deeper sense of knowing when it comes to making decisions. I can now easily bridge the gap between my head (ego) and heart (soul) and allow my intuition to come through (rather than being so strategic and ‘shoulding’ all over myself!).

I know that this is just the start of my work in this area. I’ve been amazed at the practicality of everything that Nat has shared plus how I’ve immediately experienced major benefits.

This has been so exciting for both myself and my clients! (My husband thinks I’m a bit crazy ha!).


10. The Embodied Woman Program

Like most women, I’m fantastic at ‘doing’, working super hard and being focused on making progress, fast!

But since having Xanthe, nearly 2 years ago, I realised this was not sustainable for me and I craved an alternative way to live and run my business.

To a degree, I’ve been diving deeper into my feminine energy including being a part of a Women’s Temple, going to 5 Rythms (an embodiment movement practice) and I’m lucky enough to have my own women’s circle of trusted girlfriends where we hold space for each other.

But I’ve really just dipped my toe into the depths of feminine embodiment and I know I need to learn more.

Earlier this year my friend Shiv, (who I mentioned earlier) told me about Jenna Ward and the work she was doing with her. It sounded interesting but I kind of forgot about it and continued  ‘being busy.’

But as I moved into this Fertile Void, Jenna and her work sprang up on my radar and I just knew that I had to work with her.

Currently I’m working through her Embodied Woman program and in late September 2018 I’ll commence the 6 month Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification.

I really have no idea where this will lead and how it will shape my business and my work.

But I just KNOW that I need to do this work.

I know I need it personally and it will have a flow on affect professionally.

So let’s see! And I’m sure I’ll keep you updated, if you’re keen!?


++ UPDATE – It’s now March 2019 and I’ve nearly completed the Feminine Embodiment Coaching Certification. It has been such an incredible and deep experience thus far. I’ve experienced so many potent shifts in both my life and business….I’ll share more on this soon.



If you’ve read this far, you are a true gem…THANK YOU!

I hope my personal experience of navigating this Fertile Void has given you ideas of what you could do to support yourself if/when you find yourself in a similar position.

Also, I hope by me sharing this (rather private) rambling, you’ll know that you’re not alone!

Before I wrap up I want to share a few key learnings/re-learnings I’ve taken away from this time:

++ Seek Out Support 

Yes, you need to do the internal work but often asking for help and receiving guidance facilitates you going deeper and getting out of your own way much faster. If you have an inkling that some type of modality, therapy, coaching, craft etc would help you along the way, just dive in!

++ Softness is a Sign of Strength

This is a little affirmation that came to me a few months after having Xanthe and it has shown me time and time again that when I soften and allow things to happen (in this case, pulling right back), my life gets a whole lot easier and far richer. Focusing on ‘slow success’ and softening is not at all easy, but it’s so worth it.

++ Move out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

I have heard this SO many times since I started my personal development journey 6 years ago and I was always like “yeah, yeah….I get it. I can do that!” But it wasn’t until I really learned (and I’m still learning) how to let go of my strategic, busy brain and let my intuition come to the surface that I understood the true power of letting your body lead you down the perfect path for you. It’s provided me with guidance, a great sense of support and a whole heap of trust that I never had before…and I’m loving it!
Ok, so that’s it!

If you have any questions about any of the modalities or healers/coaches I worked with, don’t hesitate to ask! Happy to share more.

And as always, if you’d  like to share anything about your own experience navigating transition and what you’ve learned, I’d just love to hear about it. I get so much from hearing about your own life lessons and I genuinely love connecting with you.

If you feel the urge, just send me an email ainslie (@) startingwitha (.) com.


And if you’d love guidance and support navigating your own unique Fertile Void, I’m currently offering a 30 minute complimentary Feminine Embodiment + Leadership in Business consult which will help you identify where you can let your body (rather than your head) lead the way when it comes to crafting a running a juicy and fulfilling business. If you’re keen, I’d love to share this work with you and help you apply these potent tools to your life and business.