Welcome to PART 2 of ‘Let’s Talk About New Metrics of Launch Success’ we are going to be diving into the final 4 feminine metrics of launch success.

Last week, in Episode 8, we spoke about the first 3 feminine metrics which were 1. Pleasure, 2. Deepening Your Message and Your Mission and 3. Visibility.



Here’s what we’ll be covering in this episode:


++ I share more about the importance of including the Feminine metrics of Genuine Connection, Collaborative Leadership, Community Building and Inclusivity & Diversity in your next launch, so you prosper both personally and professionally.

++ I explain the 4 important layers of the metric of Genuine Connection and the key questions you need to ask yourself to leverage this metric,

++ I also share why I continue to lean into support during launches and what I ask of my support team, including my husband + why speaking up about your needs and having others ‘spotlight’ your work is crucial for your launch success







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