Raise your hand if you’ve been taught the formula ‘hard work = success’?

Raise your hand if you’ve been taught that with discipline, consistent hustle and grind you will make your dreams a reality?

And raise your hand if you’ve been taught that in order for your business to be successful it must take a linear trajectory, where it’s in continual growth?


If you raised your hand, you are not alone.

And if your constant hard work, discipline and drive aren’t leading you to your version of success, then please don’t feel bad.

As I said before, you’re definitely not alone.


We have been sold a pretty big (and crappy) myth when it comes to business – The Myth of Eternal Expansion.

We have been taught to expect and constantly work towards growth and momentum. And if our growth looks more cyclic or up and down rather than linear, well heck, we see ourselves as failures.


Well I call bullshit on that.

I’m seeing more and more women looking for alternate ways to run a successful business, because the eternal expansion myth that we’re clinging to is exhausting. It’s depleting and it ultimately leads to burn out.


It’s just not sustainable.

Of course I’ve been one of those women searching for alternatives to working myself to the bone and falling out of love with my business (over and over again).

I’ve been guilty of being stupidly ‘busy’ doing #allthethings. I’ve filled my schedule to an inch of it’s life –jumping on the content creation hamster wheel, continually running events, saying ‘yes’ to every collaboration and opportunity etc etc.

And at the end of the week rather than feeling a sense of freedom and fun in relation to my business, I just felt spent.

Completely depleted and downright resentful.

This may resonate with you?

Obviously this isn’t a fun or joyful way to run a business or even exist.


But what if you could explore another way?


What if you could tap into the power of your body, letting it lead the way?


What if you could open up and allow yourself to be the magical magnet that you are?


Sounds juicy, right?


(Now you may be thinking, “yeah, yeah, this sounds like mindset and manifesting work and I’m totally all over saying positive affirmations and using my mind to achieve my goals!”).

And that’s great.

But if you’re keen to take this work even deeper, then you need to FEEL the subtle (and not so subtle) sensations of your desires in your body.


This is MAGNETISM (and it’s different to manifesting).

Rather than ‘thinking’ your way to success, you’re ‘feeling’ your way.


What is magnetism?


As I just mentioned, magnetism is a felt experience.

You can literally feel your desires in your body. And when you’re completely attuned to feeling so alive and so turned on by your desires you start to draw them in.

Now I know this sounds a bit ‘woo’ and you may be slightly skeptical, so I thought I’d share a few examples of how weaving magnetism into my work has benefited my business.

I’ll admit that when I first came across the concept of magnetism I was quite skeptical yet excited. So at the start of this year I decided to run a little magnetism ‘experiment’ and here’s what unfolded for me:


++ The number of discovery calls I was having doubled (and I had a higher conversion rate). I would get half way through explaining my mentoring program and the client would be asking how they could sign up.


++ My client numbers have increased all while my mentoring fee has also increased considerably (and I’m doing less work).


++ I’ve experienced increased engagement with the content I’ve been sharing online – newsletter, blog posts and social media platforms. I’m receiving more comments and DM’s, which sparks connection and juicy conversation. (This is what I LOVE!).


++ I’ve had more offers to be guests on podcasts, I’ve been interviewed for different online publications and I’ve been invited to be on a panel discussion on Feminine Leadership in Hong Kong.


++ Overall I’m experiencing so much more pleasure, richness and fulfilment in my work and my business then ever before!



The First Steps To Magnetism


When it comes to working with magnetism, a great place to start is to ask yourself, “Where am I working incredibly hard, focusing too much on the logical steps when it comes to my desires?,” and “Where are things feeling somewhat dry in my business when it comes to what I want to welcome in?”


Once you have some insight around this question, take some time to feel into the relationship you have with your desire.


Is there a positive charge? Can you feel yourself drawing in your desire with ease?


Are you in a state of neutral, where there is no movement, no pulling or pushing?


Or are you in a negative state, where you’re repelling your desire?


This state of awareness is critical to knowing where you are on the magnetism spectrum and what your next steps are!


The good news is that there is a simple, yet highly effective process you can journey through to ensure your body is at its most magnetic state, enabling you to draw your desires towards you with greater ease!


How You Can Work With Your Magical Magnetism


If you’re interested in learning and experiencing this process for yourself this is something that I work on with my 1:1 Private Mentoring clients.

If you’d like to have a chat about how we could potentially partner together and develop your feminine leadership and magnetism in your business, then I’d love to invite you on to a 30 minute complimentary call with me.


You can book in your call here


Hong Kong Day Retreat – Feminine Leadership in Business

Feminine Leadership in Business Ainslie Young

Listen Up Hong Kong Ladies! I will also be focusing in n Magnetism as a part of my upcoming Feminine Leadership in Business Day Retreat on May 30th, in Central, Hong Kong.

You’ll learn the embodied theory of magnetism and where you currently sit on the magnetism spectrum in relation to your business desires.

And I’ll also guide you through the 4 key steps of magnetism so you’ll always know how to cleverly combine the masculine ‘doing’ tasks with your feminine flow and receptivity when working towards your goals.

It’s going to be an amazing retreat experience!

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