Ni Hao!

This week I’m writing to you from sexy Shanghai! (I’ve only just arrived so I’ll share my pics next week with you).

However this week has been pretty fun and I’m excited to share my two little adventures with you!

Drum Jam at The Fringe Club

I’ve done some pretty random things since being in Hong Kong, like art classes with a guy who only speaks Cantonese and declared my imperfections in writing at a Tea House, but going to Drum Jam was pretty random and an awesome experience.

On Tuesday night I dragged along my musical mates, James and Lisa, to Hong Kong’s famous Fringe Club to attend Drum Jam, a community drum circle event.

Once we arrived we were given a little plastic stool and a drum each (I think our drum was bigger than the stools) and we took up our positions in the front row.

It didn’t take long for even more eager drummers to join, and we quickly lost our front row advantage. (James was just pleased that we weren’t relegated to a tambourine!).

But with a vino in one hand and a stick in the other we quickly got our percussion on!


Our enthusiastic Drum Jam facilitator was a gorgeous Japanese lady, Fumi, who happens to be a professional percussionist. Fumi introduced herself as our “Rhythmic Tour Guide” which Lisa and I loved!

Fumi whipped the growing crowd into a frenzy with her animated explanations and frequent use of the word “wicked.” Fumi would belt out a rhythm on her cow bell or the drum hanging from her neck and we would enthusiastically drum it back to her.


It was evident that the act of drumming created a sense of togetherness as the eclectic crowd all bashed away at their drums, all sporting huge smiles (ourselves included!).

After a ‘drum off’ against the other side of the room, a drumming break out session and a cultural interlude which featured some random Japanese dancing (Lisa believes it was Japanese Jazz or scatting) we called it a night!

drum-jam-hong-kong-starting-with-a-blog-5drum-jam-hong-kong-starting-with-a-blog-10drum-jam-hong-kong-starting-with-a-blog-7drum-jam-hong-kong-starting-with-a-blog-4 drum-jam-hong-kong-starting-with-a-blog-3drum-jam-hong-kong-starting-with-a-blog-12drum-jam-hong-kong-starting-with-a-blog-8

Although our hands were sore and it was all quite random, the night was a heap of fun and I can see why Fumi believes her Drum Jam is ’unique social glue.’

I felt a sense of ‘togetherness’ that I hadn’t yet felt here in Hong Kong.

But I’m grateful I’ve now experienced it through Drum Jam!

What: Drum Jam, Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong Fringe Club, Central

When: Dates vary, usually once a month, 8-10pm

Admission: $130 HK per person, includes a drink

Hot tip: get there early so you get your pick of the drums and you’re not stuck with a tambourine! 


Summer Days in Sai Kung


Wednesday was another public holiday here in Hong Kong (can’t complain about the Hongkies loving their holidays!).

So we decided to go up to Sai Kung to visit our long-time friend Angel and to pig-out on yummy Yum Cha.

I’ve only had Yum Cha twice since living here (disgraceful, I know!).

So I was extremely excited about our lunch, especially as the restaurant we booked specialised in seafood! (Poor James, who can’t eat seafood).


We gorged ourselves on turnip cakes, shellfish wontons, prawn dumplings, steamed pork buns, spring roll pancake, beef congee and more! I definitely ate the most out of the three of us.

Angel introduced me to my now favourite Cantonese treat – hot custard dumplings – delish!


After our lavish lunch we slowly strolled around Sai Kung.

This little seaside village has a great deal of character and it gave off a chilled holiday vibe.

We took our time and watched the activity of the floating market.

It was great to see the guys on the boats fling or throw their customers’ seafood purchases up to them! (It kind of makes up for missing the floating markets in Bangkok….not really).


We wandered up and down the quaint lanes amongst the locals, expats and tourists and Angel explained why it was our lucky day!

Because it was a public holiday the little stall that sells glutinous cakes of unimaginable flavours was open.

You could select from a range of round sticky cakes filled with lotus seed paste, red or green bean paste or coconuts and peanuts. The outside of each cake was made up of sweet potatoes, pumpkin or bright green pandan leaves! I just window shopped, but it was all very interesting!

Our afternoon seemed to have a sweet theme as we passed the lengthy line that snaked out of the Sai Kung bakery.

Our resident guide informed us that that this is where they bake the famous pineapple buns. Customers came out with multiple bags full of buns and the hot Summer day wasn’t deterring the growing queue.

Unfortunately it was too hot and I was too full to get me some pineapple buns.

But next time I’m in!


Where: Sai Kung, New Territories,

How to get there: From central you can catch the MTR on the Tseung Kwan O (Purple) Line all the way to Po Lam station and then get a taxi to Sai Kung (about $110 HKD each way) or catch the MTR to Hang Hau and then catch the 101M Green Mini Bus to Sai Kung.

So that’s it for this instalment of ‘The Week in Pictures.’ Next week I’ll share photos from Shanghai!

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