Picture this.

A mum flying solo with a 6 month old baby from Melbourne to Hong Kong and some very unhelpful Qantas ground crew.

Earlier this year I flew back to Hong Kong after attending the Beautiful You Coaching Academy Awards. I was slightly apprehensive as it was my second solo flight with Xanthe and it was a day flight…which meant constant entertainment was required.

But it seems the Universe was looking out for me, because at the gate I met an angel. The angel turned out to be Jasmine Mansbrige – an extremely talented artist, published author, speaker and mum of 5!

Jasmine was heading to Hong Kong for major art fairs and seeing as though she had 5 children of her own she knew exactly what I was going through from a physical and emotional perspective.

She offered to help carry my multiple bags and baby paraphernalia onto the plane and although we weren’t sitting anywhere near each other she often came up and held Xanthe so I could go to the bathroom and even eat my lunch (such a blessing!).

Apart from Jasmine being incredibly helpful, I also found her fascinating.

Based in regional Victoria, Jasmine shared that she regularly travels for her creative work and that she’d just published her first book on living as a creative parent (which was music to my ears!).

Jasmine kindly gifted me a copy of her book, “There’s A Paintbrush in My Coffee,” (the only one she had in her bag) and I devoured it within days of landing back in Hong Kong.

Since meeting on the flight we’ve stayed in contact via instagram….as you do!

I’ve loved seeing behind the scenes of Jasmine’s creative process as well as her day-to-day life mixing art, business and family.


Our Collaboration

book-coverRecently I was lucky enough to work with Jasmine and help her craft a new ‘About’ page and professional bio for her website.

But this isn’t just any ‘About’ page!

On Jasmine’s request we mixed it up and did a really fun Q & A style interview so her online audience could get to know her in a more engaging and in depth way.

This type of writing project required me to put on my journalist’s hat (which was new for me!). I had to craft questions that really showcased Jasmine’s unique skills, body of work and expertise all while positioning her as a keen collaborator and an emerging artist in Asia.

I think together we produced something really cool and I’d love for you to discover more about this compulsive creative, mother of 5 and all round awesome human!

Learn more about Jasmine Mansbridge and read our intriguing Q & A here.

I look forward to catching up with Jasmine in person in 2018 (maybe in Australia or Hong Kong…or both, who knows?) and to see what creative pursuits are ahead for her!