After the fun I had in Bangkok, I’m now back to being a tourist in my home town of Hong Kong.

I’d heard a little about Upper Lascar Row, aka Cat Street since living in Hong Kong.

This quaint little lane in Sheung Wan seems to be on the tourist trail and is known for its eclectic collection of antique shops and mass produced souvenir stalls.

It sounded interesting and fun to photograph, so I had to go!


According to the interwebs, during Hong Kong’s colonial days Upper Lascar Row was populated by Indians, who came to work in the police force.

By the 1920’s the neighbourhood had transformed into a market place for second hand goods and antiques. However it also became known as a place where stolen goods would land.

In Cantonese, stolen goods are known as ‘rat goods’ and the people who rummage around the markets and purchase these goods are called cats – hence the name Cat Street.

A little bit of history for you! Don’t I feel like a tour guide!


If you’re ever in Hong Kong and have an urge to score some Communist Chinese propaganda or a Bruce Lee poster, Cat Street is the place to go!

I would describe Cat Street as more of a flea market and if you are after true treasure, you really have to dig!

I purchased the little red piggy tea pot you will see below.

I definitely don’t need it, but I loved it!



I didn’t pick the best day to visit, as the weather was cold and windy.

But it was interesting to wander up the lane and see what was on offer. From terracotta teapots, jade bangles, Chinese calligraphy brushes to statues of Mao.

Cat Street definitely has some interesting trinkets and locals to talk to.

I struck up a conversation (as I do) with one of the shop keepers who told me where I should buy my next camera (off his mate in Causeway Bay) and that I should never go into business as his was a dismal failure and his wife cleaned him out. Poor guy.

On the upside, I told him I was a local and he gave me the ‘local price’ for my piggy teapot.

Winning! But I’m sure I still got ripped off!


Where: Cat Street

Location: Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island

How to get there: Catch the MTR Island Line to Sheung Wan, take exit A2 and follow the signs along Hillier Street. You can also easily walk along Hollywood Road from Central

Opening Hours: Best to visit after lunch and not on Sundays as not too many stalls are open.


There goes another week! I can’t believe we are in March already!

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