I am SUPER excited to share my Blog Shelf this week….I think I’m getting a tad nostalgic, as this week definitely has a Sydney flavour.

I’m also proud to say I know all of these blogging babes personally!

Each blogger has extraordinary and unique talents – think sensational interiors, amazing hair styles, kicking life goals and high class hand lettering!

I encourage you to visit each blog to get your creative spirit soaring!


1. Yellow Trace


Design inspiration and resource for creative and curious minds.

Dana and her husband Nick are #TeamYellowTrace and have created a serious space for all things design.

You will easily get sucked into this creative couple’s obsession with Interior Design, Architecture, Art, Photography, Lifestyle & Design Culture. I did!

This award winning online publication is definitely worth bookmarking!


 2. Hair Romance


Hairstyle tutorials, tips and tricks for doing hairstyles in your own hair.

Christina Butcher is the famous Hair Blogger (yes, there is certainly such a thing!) and has the most enviable profile!

If you’re stuck with what to do you with your mane, this blog is your daily go-to guide!

PS. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, check out this collaboration Meredith and I did with Christina. Lots of fun!


3. Nourish


A toolbox for not only building a life you love, but also as a space to inspire creativity, fuel growth and spark change.

Rachel is a digital brand strategist, writer and blogger and has a VERY aesthetically pleasing online home (we share a love of black and white.)

Dig into some awesome content on amping up your productivity and making your goals stick + check out her e-Book, GLOW!

If you want to start living an inspired life, I suggest you start dropping in on Nourish!


4. Pen and Peplum


A studio and print shop that aims to blend spirit, joy & playfulness with simplicity.

Miranti is the brains, beauty a talent behind Pen and Peplum and I love getting a glimpse into her life as a letterer.

If you’re keen to try your hand (he he) at hand lettering why not follow Miranti’s 52 Hand-Lettered Project?

Now that I paint…I think I’ll give it a whirl!


++ Link Love

+ Do you know how powerful your words truly are? I suggest you take a look at Melissa Ambrosini’s post on ‘Choose your Words, Choose Your Life.’ Pretty powerful stuff.

+ Want to know when you should write by hand versus typing merrily on a keyboard? Find out here.

+ Living in Asia you encounter some funny/adorable ‘Chinglish.’ If you want to get a giggle from poor grammar, misspellings and ‘lost in translation’ signs, check out Engrish.com. It’s bound to make you laugh!


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