Hey Hey,

I am really loving this ‘Blog Shelfing’ business.

There is just so much great content out there on the interwebs and I just love sharing it with you!

This week I have an old time favourite fashion/travel blogger, pilates babe, domestic goddess and a wonderful wife/mother/graphic designer/blogger.

What are you waiting for? Get into it!


1. Park & Cube


Shini Park is an old time favourite of mine, (and my sister, Meredith).

According to Shini she is a Graphic Designer, Blogger, professional disco-dancer and fishmonger, maybe. Depends on how many skittles she has had that day.


2. Blogilates


I love pilates, more so than yoga, so finding Cassey Ho’s Blogilates blog, was a breath of fresh air!

As well as some super entertaining workout videos, Cassey also shares healthy recipes, printable workouts and health & diet tips on her popular blog.


3. The Decorista


A collection of interior inspiration, new trends in design, how to’s, style, business advice and everyday secrets to the art of living well.

I am going to try out Ashlina’s 30 Days to Domestic Bliss Challenge. Sounds good!


4. Oana Befort


A little visual journal sharing bits and pieces of life, work and inspiration.

Check out Oana’s cute sketchbook!


++ Link Love

+ Want to know how to perfectly style your coffee table, learn to paint with watercolours and take kick-arse photos of food? You need to get onto Skillshare and take a few classes! That’s how I learned all of the above! If you signup through this link you will get a FREE month of premium membership!

+ Having trouble drifting off into slumberland each night? Try these 6 breathing techniques to help you sleep.

+ Fear vs Ambition – here’s a great little hand drawing on creativity, entrepreneurship, and sharing your work with the world by James Clear.


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