Happy Monday!

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1. The Dainty Squid


Personal style, Photography, Nature and CATS! (I’m not so keen on cats).

I love Kaylah’s ever changing hair! Total chameleon.


2. Gabrielle Bernstein


According to Oprah, Gabby-B is ‘a next-generation thought leader.’

It’s taken me a few years to warm up to Gabby, but after seeing her live in Sydney I LOVE HER.

More about Gabby in future posts!


3. Pugly Pixel


Diary of a web design enthusiast.

Kat’s design insights, resources and how-to’s are a little left-of-centre, but helpful nonetheless!




Interior Design, Decorate and Remodel – Ideas for Making Your House into a Home

Beautiful design and interior inspiration with a dash of good humour. Check Coco out.


++ Link Love

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+ Put your phone away and put your mind at ease. Take a look at these new ‘connected rings’ that send you customised messages from your mobile phone.

+ If you want to relocate to the Caribbean. Don’t. Read why.


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