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Welcome to another week of ‘Blog Shelf,’ where I wrap up what Blogs I am crushing on.

Make sure you also scroll down to this week’s ‘Link Love’ section – these two things have changed my life and I think you will get a kick out of them too.

Get scrolling!


1. The Daily Mark

Beauty, Tech & Lifestyle, and everything that makes a mark in between.

I love this blog by Sydney-based graphic designer, Madeleine Burke.

Plus she is one cool chick.


2. Jess Lively

Designing a Life & Business with Intention

I’m really getting into Jess’s weekly podcast and she has some pretty cool free resources about living a life with intention.



3. Atlantic-Pacific

Super simplistic fashion blog. No bells or whistles needed here.

Beautiful images feature carefully created ensembles that will make you green with envy.



4. KlairedeLys

Art, Music, Makeup and Madness.

Klaire with a ‘K’ has some pretty crazy make-up looks, think Cruella de Vil and ‘The Walking Dead.’


++ Link Love

This week I’m focusing on quality rather than quantity. And there is serious quality (for me anyway) in this week’s Link Love.



Have you heard of Serial?

Apparently it’s the most downloaded podcast in the world according to Apple… and I’m 110% hooked!

This is a truly remarkable piece of journalism and has kept me entertained whilst doing the dishes and hiking through Hong Kong.

Check it out here.



Want to watch TV shows from around the world?

Hook yourself up with Hola!

I don’t have access to local television here in Hong Kong (apparently it’s rubbish).

But I worked out how to access censored websites in Australia (plus the rest of the world) using Hola.

So now I can stream my favourite shows and watch them on my plasma…and you can too!

Just go here!


Has anything taken your fancy whilst scrolling this week?

Let me know in the comments below!