Happy Easter Monday to You!

Seeing as though it’s a public holiday, you have a great excuse to wade through the world wide web seeking out brilliant new blogs!

I have done the hard work for you, so sit back and relax, and get that scrolling finger ready!



1. Tell Me Tuesday


Get your daily dose of travel, beauty, food and fashion on this visually appealing site.

Tell Me Tuesday’s resident blogger, Kate, is super generous with her free ‘Deck My Tech’ digital wallpapers (check them out!).

And if you need some inspiration I suggest you follow this lady on Instagram. AH-MAZ-ING!


2. Making Sense of Cents


I’ve recently become quite interested in money, (sounds strange I know) and this little finance and lifestyle blog just popped up on my radar.

Michelle has been successful in paying off $38k worth of student loans in 7 months! This piqued my interest as I’ve had 2 separate discussions with friends about student loans in the last week!

Take a peek for some great money saving tips.


3. 79 Ideas


Radostina, a Bulgarian now living in sunny San Francisco is the clever curator of the amazing 79 Ideas.

You will be swept away by the absolutely beautiful design of this photography, styling, design and lifestyle site.

I know I’ll be spending a few too many hours pouring over this little corner of the web!


4. Emma Kate Co.


A stationery + lifestyle brand, blog, and love story between words, images + play.

Emma is one talented chick with an incredible online presence…and another stunning instagram account!


If you’re after beautifully written blog posts that provide a sneak peek into Emma’s life happenings and travels + rad interviews with super inspiring souls, I encourage you to take a closer look!


 ++ Link Love

+ What brings new meaning to high kicks and the Can-Can? The Selfie-Shoe! See this ridiculous invention here.

+ Do you make every minute count? I’ve started using this app, and it’s really helped to boost my productivity! Try it out!

 + Some people are born to travel. Do you have the Wanderlust gene?


Speaking of Wanderlust….I’ve finished writing my e-Book! I’m just working on the formatting and design + other fun little admin tasks!

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