In this episode of the Feminine Business School podcast you’ll hear me share:


++ How and why your Launch Leadership style affects your Business Leadership and your bottom line,

++ How to activate the power within yourself first which activates your audience to want to work with you,

++ Why launching is just like hosting a kids birthday party and lessons you can take from this random example 

++ 3 real life case studies that showcase how you can go from hating launching and always putting it off to stepping into deep pleasure, power and experiencing amazing prosperity.  






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Transcript – 5 Amazing Business Benefits of Launching

Welcome to another episode of the Feminine Business School podcast. If you’re new around here I am your hostess Ainslie Young and on this podcast we talk about how you can create a business that offers you ultimate freedom, wild levels of pleasure and of course profitability by combining healthy masculine marketing and business strategies with the richness and radiance of somatic work through feminine embodiment.

If that feels magical and expansive to you, then welcome!!!

Ok so what are we going to explore today? Well if you’ve been a regular listener you’ll know that I have had the odd few episodes about launching? Ep #15 3 reasons why your launches fail and Ep 14 3 key factors for my biggest launch to date.Why? Because I have really changed my relationship with launching over the years from one that was “oh for god sakes, do I really have to put myself through that again’ to ‘feeling totally lit up, excited and powerful about launching.” 

And I know for many women in business and female entrepreneurs, especially ones who identify as been really heart and soul led, launching can feel uncomfortable and it’s definitely an erotic edge.

And do you know, this is exactly the case for some of my very well established coaching peers and clients.

I actually had a client who had a multiple six figure business – it’s now at 7 and I remember her saying to me “I don’t want to go through the shit show of launching.”

And in my mind I thought, “That’s a shame.”

Because even though we often view launches as a necessary evil, launches are a brilliant opportunity for you to give but also RECEIVE and receive on a really expansive and powerful level.

So today I am going to share with you 5 amazing gifts that you’ll receive (that really has nothing to do with money) each and every time you launch !!

Ok so the first gift you’ll receive when approaching your launch from an embodied place is.

  1. A deeper level of mastery in your area of expertise. So every launch gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your body of work at a deeper and deeper level and when you do this, you take the time to refine your concepts, your teachings and your skillset and as a result your mastery and confidence are just taken to a whole new level.

I vividly remember last year sitting on the lounge room floor drawing on big pieces of paper about the ‘Vicious Cycle of Masculine Marketing’ concept that I had been mapping out. I was taking the time to pull all of my knowledge, experience, passion and training together to create a concept that I just knew would be paradigm shifting for women in business who struggled with marketing and being visible….and this was a part of my launch. I remember recording a video showcasing my concept and sharing with my own mastermind peers and feeling so excited and powerful because I had taken the time and been devoted to deepening my mastery and showcasing this through a launch…and of course sharing my work and being of service.

Remember Launch Leadership = Business Leadership..

Another amazing gift from putting together and actioning a launch is creating a potent connection to your community and your soul clients. By activating yourself through a launch you’re also activating your audience and this opens the possibility for you to have meaningful conversations with your audience. And it also allows you to uncover more of your client’s complexities, their pain points and exactly how your work can truly serve them. This information is so so important and powerful because of course you can use it in your marketing and your launch campaigns but also this deeper sense of Clarity boosts your Confidence big time. 

I remember after presenting my ‘Vicious Cycle of Msculine Marketing Concept in a free training as a part of a launch I had the most incredible feedback during and after the training. Women in the masterclass were saying things like “mind blown” and “omg this makes so much sense….this is totally me” and they thanked me for offering them a different perspective and for also allowing them to feel seen and heard with their own struggles around marketing.

  1. So that;s a really beautiful Segway into sharing what the third amazing gift or benefit of launching is. I can’t tell you how much clarity and confidence I gained in the launch example I just shared. It gave me such a boost to keep going, to keep showing up and to be visible and to share my message…and yes, keep launching!


The more you launch, and launch in an embodied way, you really do develop Unwavering confidence in your message, your mission and your vision. The impact you desire to have in this world grows as your inner power grows with each and every launch.

And I have many client examples of this. One example that comes to mind is a client who owns a wellness and yoga studio and she’s also a professional astrologer. When we started working together I envisioned her crafting a really beautiful, high level personal package that combined the yoga and astrologer….and this client has recently launched this offering and it’s amazing to witness her being even more visible, sharing her work with such passion, voicing her message and her mission (even though it has been tough for her as there’s some tension between her family in terms of her beliefs) and of course welcoming in amazing clients into this offering. This is the power of switching from agggghhh I have to launch to ahhh I get to launch and share this amazing work with the world.

  1. And this leads me to gift number 4 when it comes to embodied launches and that is Expansion and ease in all forms. Every single time you undertake a launch of some kind you stretch your visibility edges and allow yourself to be seen in all your radiance and realness. And ultimately the combination of repetition and vulnerability makes launching easier and easier over time. So a really good real life, non business example of this is hosting children’s birthday parties. So last year was the first time I hosted a birthday party for Xanthe without parents…and we only had 5 little girls ranging from 3-6….but holy cow I was exhausted afterwards….I felt like I had run a marathon or I had been raving at a festival for 3 days straight. I remember sitting on the balcony after the party with a G&T in hand, eating left over fairy bread and I was so tired I could barely talk! But in contrast, this year I hosted another birthday party and really it was pretty simple….I knew what food to make, I had games organised, I knew the timings of how everything would go down….and it all felt far more doable and easeful….because I had expanded my capacity in all forms….and I just showed up as me….and it’s exactly the same for launching. When you commit to something and you expand your capacity, whether it be your capacity to be seen, to ask for the sale, to receive money, to speak your truth… you’re holding more of yourself and this showcases your Authenticity which makes you Magnetic As all get out!!


  1. And the fifth gift and huge benefit of launching and launching from an embodied place is that you whole-heartedly back yourself. Launching offers you the opportunity to go all in. To believe in your work and if you approach launching the way I do, you drop into the incredible pleasure of it all.


In fact one of my mastermind clients is a brilliant example of this. When she started in the feminine business mastermind in January she was really against launching….she found the approach she had witnessed to be from a place of the unhealthy masculine – too much push, force, pressure and hustle….and not enough pleasure. But we have been really conscious of centreing pleasure in all of her launches since then and she now really loves the whole process….like the whole process. From creating and sharing all of her promotional content on insta and to her newsletter, to the actual teaching within her webinar or masterclasses to the follow up sales calls. She actually left me a voice message last night straight after her most recent masterclass saying that it had been her most pleasurable and easy launch to date…and this was a bit of an off the cuff launch as she’s preparing to travel for a month…So as you maybe able to sense, launching allows you to back yourself and to trust that your success is inevitable and you open yourself up to receive all the riches you desire…and then some!! Your Inner Power + Pleasure = Prosperity. Trust me.

So I really, REALLY invite you to essentially give a sh&t about launching and to reframe how you approach launching in the future. It’s far more than a revenue generating activity. It’s far more than spreadsheets, strategy and sales funnels.

There’s such beauty, magic and richness in each and every launch you do.

And the more depth of pleasure you drop into the more money you make.

This has been my experience, and I like for it to be your experience too.

If what I have shared has got you feeling into the pleasure and possibilities that launching could offer you then Come and learn how I’m Rewriting The Rules of Launching. So this Weds 17th November I am running a free masterclass called ‘how to fall in love with launching and maximise your profits.

In this training I’ll share:

How to go beyond just “Mastering Your Mindset” for a prosperous launch. The 3 big launch saboteurs and how to identify the ones that are personally blocking your success and the NEW Feminine Flow Launch Framework that will help you build more freedom into your business without burning out. 

This intimate workshop is less than 60 minutes – I am really conscious that we’re all zoomed out but it’s packed with major takeaways and trust me, you’ll feel different about launching by the end of the workshop. 

So make sure you save your seat for this week’s Masterclass. Sign Up via or I’ll put a link in the show notes. 

Ok that’s it for today’s episode…..happy launching my friend!