This awesome quote from Jill Coleman (Jillfit Physiques) immediately popped out at me as I was mindlessly thumbing through my instagram feed!

Often we get so caught up in making everything perfect that we get stuck.

We get stuck in fear and we do nothing.

We procrastinate. We lose motivation.

We let the need for perfection win out.

So in order to get sh^t done and to actually live our life I’ll leave you with Jill’s wise words:

“Being a little less perfect makes you a little more consistent.

Because self-compassion always trumps rigidity when it comes to motivation.

Because sometimes you have to let “good enough” be good enough.

Because sometimes you have to just do your best and allow that to be okay.

And these are what matter the most for long-term results.”

So how are you going to be ‘less perfect’ and more consistent this week? Let me know in the comments!

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