Let’s attract your dream clients ASAP and welcome to another episode of the Feminine Business School podcast. 

In this episode, we will dive into your Ideal Client like never before…or as I like to call it – your Soul Clients.

I know that ideal client work can be dull and boring!

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

In this episode, we flip the traditional marketing approach to Ideal Client work on its head and we connect with your Soul Clients (or dream clients) in a really pleasurable and powerful way.


In this Feminine Business School podcast episode you’ll learn:


++ The 3 biggest mistakes I see clients make when it comes to trying to attract your dream clients and exactly how this impacts your business,

++ How my Alchemise & Anchor approach to creating your Soul Client Avatar will blow traditional marketing approaches to Ideal Client work out of the water….you’ll love this way of working….promise!

++  How this more embodied approach to creating your Soul Client Avatar helps my clients attract their dream clients with greater ease and pleasure….and sometimes before they’ve even launched their website! 






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Hey hey friends, welcome back to another episode of the FBS podcast. I am your host Ainslie Young and today we are talking all things Ideal Client…or as I like to call it – your Soul Clients…now if you’re actually listening to this episode, yay for you!

I know that ideal client work can be boring! You may even be rolling your eyes! And to be honest I used to find this work so dry and mundane back in my corporate marketing days…even though strategically I know how critical it is to implementing successful marketing campaigns and to scaling a business.

But I believe the reason why we find it so dull and boring is because of the traditional marketing approach we’ve been taught….and recently I have had some really great mentoring sessions with the women in th FEMININE BUSINESS MASTERMIND where we’ve attracted their  dram clients….rather effortlessly and then they have quickly gone on to magnetise these soul or dream clients into their businesses.

So if you’re keen to hear about a far more pleasurable and powerful way to uncover and connect with your ideal clients then you must keep listening!

In today’s episode of the Feminine Business Mastermind we’re going to be looking at the:

++ 3 biggest mistakes I see clients make when it comes to ideal client work or connecting with their soul or dream clients

++ And then I’ll share how my approach to ideal client work or connecting with our soul clients is different and the results I help my clients achieve.

Ok let’s jump in.

One of the biggest mistakes I see with clients and people in the coaching and health and wellness industry is this idea that their services are for everyone, they can help everyone….and therefore they want to keep their soul client super broad.

But the thing is when you’re trying to help everyone you’re actually helping no one. For example, this approach is a bit like you’re putting on a huge party for people – but you actually don’t know how many people are coming to your party, what the theme of the party is and if people have any dietary restrictions!

So potentially you’re throwing this amazing party but because you have very little clarity, it could turn into a complete disaster! You’re trying to cater to everyone but you’re catering to no one. 

Does that make sense?

Ok so the second mistake I see when it comes to ideal client work is in complete contrast to the previous mistake…and this is procrastination and perfection. Too often clients come to me and they’ve been ruminating on who their dream clients are for months, maybe even years!!

They have been so hung up on getting every aspect of their ideal client profile perfect that they haven’t moved forward with their business, they have been holding back from promoting their work and of course they aren’t attracting any clients let alone dream clients into their business….now often there are underlying reasons why perfectionism and procrastination are holding them back..and I’ll get to this soon.

And the third biggest mistake I see time and time again is business owners intellectualising their soul client….rather than taking a more embodied approach….so what do I mean by this. I mean they do all the traditional marketing steps – look at the dry demographics of their soul clients, have a look at their lifestyle and values and then write it all down on a piece of paper….tick if off their to-do list and then stick the piece of paper in a drawer never to look at it again. 

As a result they miss out on a HUGE amount of valuable information about their soul client because they’ve only used their minds in this process….plus the whole exercise really becomes a complete waste of time…as it was just completed for the sake of completing it and never looked at again.


Ok so here’s how my Alchemise and Anchor approach to ideal client work is different and why I believe this is far more effective when connecting with your soul clients and it’s definitely more pleasurable!

Problem #1 When Attracting Your Dream Clients


So how do we work with challenge #1 of believing that our services are for everyone and we want to help everyone?

A different way to frame this is to be really selective with who you surround yourself with. Do you really want a whole heap of randoms coming to your party? Probably not. So my invitation to you is to focus on attracting dream clients who will also attract other quality dream clients to you….and then you’ll have a really amazing party!

And this is where the inner work is required. We can use many of the feminine embodiment tools to really unlock your worth and power so you get super clear on those amazing soul clients you want to partner with. 

From here it becomes much easier to spend high quality time with high quality people

Just last week I had a client session with a coach and intuitive and she was really stuck on getting clear on who her soul clients were. But after I dropped her into her body and asked her some really powerful questions very quickly this client channeled exactly who her soul client was, her challenges, her hopes and dreams and exactly how she wanted to be served by my client. And during this time I had written 3 pages of detailed notes that I could reflect back to my client….the client went from feeling frustrated and uncertain to feeling really clear and empowered around who her soul clients are and how she can help them.


Problem #2 When Attracting Your Dream Clients

The feminine embodiment tools are also really powerful when it comes to working with perfectionism and procrastination. Often we go over and over a task because we’re fearful it’s not going to be good enough, with the desire for it to be perfect….but because of this fear our nervous system can move us into a freeze response and from there we can dip into a shame spiral.

And with procrastination the task of pulling together your ideal client may just feel really overwhelming so our nervous system pushes us into a flight response and we just put it on the backburner because it doesn’t feel pleasurable or even safe to attempt this kind of activity.

And this is why the feminine embodiment tools help to release this tension in your body and your nervous system FIRST….so essentially all the bad experiences you’ve had before with marketing or coming up with your soul client, we can remove that from your body so we have a beautiful clean and fresh slate to work from….and this makes the next steps we do even easier and more pleasurable and powerful.

Here’s another client example – so another new feminine embodiment coach who’s a part of the FEMININE BUSINESS MASTERMIND needed help moving forward with her ideal client. She’d done a fair bit of work on getting clear on who her soul client is but she couldn’t commit to it…she kept trying to change it and the uncertainty was keeping her stuck…which is super common by the way.

What we did was drop her into her body and locate the tension she was holding in relation to her soul client and marketing. She identified tension in her shoulders around self-worth, tension in her belly around money and charging clients what she desired and pain in her solar plexus when it came to prospective clients saying no on discovery calls.

This embodied practice allowed her to liberate this tension from her body and we were also able to get super clear on exactly who she wanted to partner with…she left the session feeling and I quote “amazing and that anything is possible’ and then she went off to attract her first dream client into this new offering at $2000!


Problem #3 When Attracting Your Dream Clients

And finally we’ll address problem #3 –  how we overcome intellectualising who our soul clients are is we prioritise the FEELING rather than the THINKING of the activity. 

We feel the energy of our soul clients….we connect to their hearts first rather than working out what they eat for breakfast and what magazines they read. 

And what is key is that we do a practice where we anchor this energy in….we anchor this connection with our soul clients into our own bodies…and this makes it so much easier and more powerful when we want to connect with them through our content – our messaging becomes clearer, how we put together our signature services becomes easier….it all becomes so much easier, more pleasurable and fun because our energy resonates with our soul clients.

I have another client case study to share this point – so recently a client who’s new to business and a feminine embodiment coach, came to me and she had a vague idea of who’d she wanted to attract but wanted help clarifying her high quality soul clients. 

I looked at everything she had put together and then we did an embodiment practice and were able to uncover even deeper nuances of her ideal client that she hadn’t even considered. This added so many more vivid layers to her soul client which really excited my client. We then anchored this in through another embodiment practice so she could continually reconnect with her client….and just a week later she had magnetised a dream client who paid her 1600 pound before she’d even launched her website!! Which really is amazing!

So to recap – today I shared the 3 most common mistakes I see (which often aren’t talked about) when it comes to creating your dream client profile…and those mistakes are – 1. not claiming who it is you want to serve, 2. Procrastinating and perfecting your soul client profile and 3. Intellectualising the whole experience

Then I shared why we need to flip this traditional marketing approach of ideal client work on its head and instead take a more embodied approach, plus how this makes the whole experience more pleasurable and powerful and I shared real life examples of recent client results who are a part of the Feminine Business Mastermind.

Ok so if you feel like you’re sitting in a pool of confusion when it comes to connecting with your soul client and you’d like to take a more embodied approach so you can get super clear and super magnetic fast, then let’s have a chat.

If you feel called you can book in for a complimentary Magnetic Business Session where I’ll share more about how I work and I’ll check in to see if it resonates…if it does, I’d then love to hear more about your challenges with your ideal client work and your current business situation and from there, if I feel I can help you I’ll share more about the Feminine Business Mastermind and we can discuss best next steps.

I’ll drop the booking link for the Magnetic Business Session in the show notes….or if you’re super keen you can type in bit.ly/magnetic-consult

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