Mid-March sees a creative wave flow through Hong Kong thanks to the famous Art Basel Exhibition hitting town.

I’m not a huge art fan but this exhibition piqued my interest a few years ago when a very talented friend exhibited at the Miami show featuring an amazing photograph of my sister Meredith (which also appeared in Italian Vogue!).

I attended the exhibition on the final day with what felt like half the population of Hong Kong plus a boatload of foreigners.

The art scene is growing rapidly in Hong Kong and in terms of sales it’s the third largest market in the world after New York and London. According to the New York Times this is thanks to few government restrictions, tax-free benefits and it being an English-speaking commercial centre.


Loaded up with a wad of floor plans and brochures I set out to absorb the abundance of creativity that filled the Convention Centre.

The last time I was in the Convention Centre I was trawling through leather swatches and zip samples. The few times before that I was representing a University and talking to Hong Kong parents about studying in Australia! Art Basel seemed a lot more fun!

Most art works were truly remarkable and some were quite unremarkable. But I’m learning just like the definition of success, art is subjective.

It took me over 3 hours to take everything in and every time I would move towards the exit another artwork would catch my eye and I would be dragged back in.

It was great to experience an art exhibition of that caliber and scale in my new hometown. I’m looking forward to Art Basel Hong Kong, 2016!

Below I have curated images of my top 15 artworks, which include paintings, photographs and installations.

As you can imagine, photographs don’t do the artworks justice but take your time to scroll through them to see what you think.




We are facing the sun, 2014

Epoxy resin and pigments of wood

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-22. LU CHAO

Sunflower, 2015

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-173. ZENG FANZHI

Portrait, 2008

Oil on canvas

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-134. SHEN ZHENGLIN

Babarosa, 2014

Oil on canvas

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-65. RYAN GANDER

Hokusai’s Blues, 2014

Cyanotype, screen print with natural indigo pigment

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-86. DEL KATHRYN BARTON

Come Deeper, 2015

Acrylic on French Linen

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-77. YANG MAOYUAN

‘They’ are coming to Hong Kong, 2014


Aguas, 2013

Inlay on marble plate from Agra

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-189. VIK MUNIZ

Forbidden City Postcards from Nowhere, 2014

Digital C-Print

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-910. GEORGIA RUSSELL

Red Tide, 2014

Cut print and pastel on Kozo paper, pexiglass

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-1411. JUNG LEE

You, You, You…#2, 2015

C-Type Print

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-112. CLAIRE MORGAN

On Air, 2015

Butterflies, dandelion seeds, nylon thread, glass

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-1513. GAO LUDI

KTVA, 2015

Acrylic on canvas

art-basel-starting-with-a-blog-314. NIKO LUOMA

Entropy #3, 2012

Archival pigment print, Diasec



Papilio Ulysses, 2008

Butterflies and household glass on canvas



Did any of the artworks take your fancy? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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