In this fascinating interview, Jen Murphy, creator of the Celtic School of Embodiment, Feminine Embodiment coach, Mythologist, Anthropologist and incredible storyteller shares her passion for exploring the natural coalescence between our ancestral myths and our bodies and how we can weave this reclamation of sovereign power into our businesses. 


In this guest interview of the Feminine Business School podcast you’ll hear Jen Murphy and Ainslie Young discuss:

++  How connecting to your Mythical Ancestors can deeply support you and your business, 

++ Jen shares a beautiful and poignant myth about the selkie/seal woman which is extremely relevant to women in business today, showcasing the distinct parallels between the hypermasculine/hyperproductive world we live and work in,

++ A fascinating connection between the Witch Wound and the vilification of women’s wealth in the context of Ireland’s first witch trial (this was enthralling!),

++ How Jen partners with the Patroness of her business and the 3 things she does each day to weave pleasure into her work and all she creates….and much, much more!







  • You can find Jen Murphy’s incredible work over on her website and follow her on instagram – Insta: @celticembodiment
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