Hey there,

Hope you’ve had a good week?

So I’ve just realised that I haven’t left Hong Kong island since returning from Singapore and my ‘Week In Pictures’ aren’t as exciting as they use to be!

Apologies about that!

This week I’ve been helping a friend who is launching her almond milk business!

We spent a day brain storming a whole heap of marketing ideas so she can get her beautiful organic, cold-pressed almond milk out into the world!

I did spend a lot of time looking out the window…

If you’re in Hong Kong and you want to stay in the loop sign up to Nut & Co here.


I love getting mail, but I don’t seem to get much here in Hong Kong.

BUT this week I received a package from home! Mum sent over home made chocolate choc-chip biscuits.

They didn’t travel very well unfortunately but they still taste delicious and they were made with love.

So sweet and very much appreciated.

If anyone else wants to send me food, I’ll give you my address!


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I am on the Social Committee of the Australian Association of Hong Kong?

This week we hosted a delicious three-course meal at Mo Bros, a great Italian Restaurant in SoHo.


Our events aren’t exclusively for Aussies but it is nice to hang out with a bunch of people from home!

Joining the Australian Association and being on the committee has definitely played a significant role in me settling in here.

In my first week in Hong Kong I went to the Association’s Coffee Morning so I could meet people!

Now I’m actually the ‘Coffee Morning’ Coordinator for the Association. Hilarious!


I also (finally) caught up with my gorgeous friend Camie at The Fringe Club.

She has been hosting a multitude of guests lately as well as jet-setting around South-East Asia

We have never ending conversations that are both hilarious and inspiring.

I hope she never goes back to the US…or takes me on another one of these hikes! (Joke!).


Hong Kong is so transient and this week I experienced my second friend leaving Hong Kong.

(Insert sad face here).

Lene, the gorgeous blonde below, is headed back to Denmark.


Lene has so much to offer the world and I can’t wait to see how the next chapter of her life unfolds! I’m sure it will be magnificent!

These radiant girls are my spiritual business mastermind group (aka The Moon Circle…James always laughs at this)!


I mentioned it here, that I am SO lucky to have found such awesome and like-minded girls to spend time in my new home.

I have learnt so much about myself and the world just by being in their presence.

They are my tribe.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll stop focusing on eating and socialising and I’ll do some exploring that I can share with you!

Enjoy the weekend,