Here’s what I wish you knew...

  • That you don’t need to feel shame about not reaching your business goals, whether it be hitting 6 figures, hiring staff, or being booked out. Hand on heart, you will get there.
  • That you’re not broken or lazy and you ARE smart enough + 100% meant to be on your unique entrepreneurial journey.
  • That your beautiful body is the most powerful asset in your business and with the right tools you can truly unleash your brilliance (and make doing business easier).
  • That leaning back (and magnetising) is just as powerful, if not more, than constantly leaning in and donning your ‘Hustle Hat.’
  • That tuning into the cyclic rhythms of your body, the moon and Mother Nature is paramount to working smarter, not harder.
  • That we CAN let success be simple….yes we can!
  • And that as a powerful feminist leader, you deserve to be abundantly supported in your entrepreneurial journey so you can use your incredible work for good, earn the great money you deserve and live a pleasure filled life!
And I assume if you’ve landed here you’re not looking for more of the same.


  • More Masculine Marketing techniques that are taught everywhere (pointing out your clients pain, agitating them and then making them feel shameful so they will sign up for your solution - yuck),

  • More rigid productivity Master Schedules that make you feel anxious, uninspired and suck all the pleasure out of your work and business,

  • More mindset work because you know you don’t have an upper limit problem, but you can’t pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back,

Instead, I’m guessing you’re looking to partner with…

…Someone who really has your back, wants to know the inside-out of your business. Someone who genuinely cares for you and let’s face it…loves you, and someone who will hold your wildest dreams just as close to her heart as your own, because as a mentor she wants you to be seen and to succeed, BIG TIME!

That’s where I step into the picture.
This is my work as a Feminine Embodiment Business Mentor.

About Me

Hi, I’m Ainslie Young, a modern day mother to a little girl Xanthe (Zan-thee), an Aussie living in Singapore and a passionate Feminine Embodiment Business Mentor.

I help feminist leaders who are coaches, creatives and practitioners create successful and wildly pleasurable businesses without burning out and selling out their soul.

I have worked with 100+ business owners, across the globe through in person masterminds, workshops, retreats, online programs and my high touch, 1:1 private mentoring.

It’s important to mention that I tend to work with the same clients for many years. Some of my clients have been with me for over 3 years, because we do deep, impactful and transformational work.

And let’s face it – both you and your business, need solid support. And with full transparency, I usually form beautiful friendships with my clients and we love being a part of each other’s lives!

My Qualifications & Experiences

Here’s what got me ready to partner with you in creating a thriving and pleasure-filled business…

  • I have both an academic background – I have a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) and a Master of Marketing – and have extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience (in both product and service based businesses) crafting and executing traditional and digital marketing strategies and working in business development and communications.

  • What this means for you is that I have over a decade’s worth of marketing and business experience that will allow us to create an effective (and unique to you) marketing strategy that will include getting crystal clear on your ideal client, craft signature services that will sell, write compelling copy that connects to your readers’ hearts, design and execute soulful launch campaigns...and so much more.

  • Oh and did I mention, I do this through a feminist marketing lens? You’ll learn feminist marketing strategies + tools that will ensure your values are at the forefront of your business and no more icky, old school masculine marketing strategies)

  • I’m also a certified Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy as well as being a certified Feminine Embodiment Coach with the School of Embodied Arts and a graduate of the School of Visibility.

What this means for you is that I have deep training and hands on mentoring experience that will help us combine both your beautiful mind AND wisdom-filled body to liberate any tension that is holding you back in life and business and to get to the heart of any visibility blocks. (THIS is my secret sauce!).

The feminine embodiment model I’ve been taught (and I’m incredibly passionate about), starts with DEPTH first, (your body/the feminine) and DIRECTION second, (your head/strategy and action).

And I can tell you, this way of partnering with your business works EVERY TIME.


I’ve invested a phenomenal amount of time, energy and money into cultivating my skills and knowledge (you can see all the details here) and I genuinely want to share it all with you, so we can fast track your own growth and business success.

My Personal Stories Snapshot

So that’s a little about me (or a lot, depending on how you view it!). I’m hoping you now have an idea of who I am and how my skills, experience and open heart can really serve you and your business.

Partner With Me

If you’d like to partner with me, you can see all the Personal Mentoring details here. Or if you’re keen to have a chat about partnering, let’s book you in for a chat!

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And in the meantime, I’m holding your business dreams close to my heart,

Ainslie x