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This week I thought I would give you a brief tour of my home suburb, Kennedy Town (affectionately known as K-Town).

Kennedy Town is actually one of the hottest suburbs in Hong Kong, thanks to the recent opening of the MTR and the burgeoning cafe and restaurant scene.

So scroll through to take a peek at my new hood!

Lo Pan Temple

Located amongst quiet ladder streets and terraces is the Lo Pan Temple, or the Master Tradesmen’s Temple.

This unique piece of architecture is only minutes from our unit and is a recent discovery of mine!

Built in 1884, it’s dedicated to Si Fu, a master carpenter of ancient times who is viewed as the patron saint of the construction trade.

It’s cool to have some rich history close by!

starting-with-a-blog-hong-kong-kennedy-town-17 starting-with-a-blog-hong-kong-kennedy-town-18 starting-with-a-blog-hong-kong-kennedy-town-30Lo Pan Temple is located on Ching Lin Terrace, which is a beautiful leafy space.

This charming lane of trees and well kept potted plants is in stark contrast to the streets of Kennedy Town below.

I fell in love with this doorway.

Funnily enough it’s actually the home of a lady I’m on the Australian Association of Hong Kong Social Committee with. (I realised after seeing her name below the doorbell!).


Smithfield Wet Markets

Down the colourful stairs from Chin Ling terrace you will find the thriving Smithfield Wet Market.


Locals flock here on a daily basis to pick up fresh vegetables, fish, meat and poultry.

The wet markets are designed to be a one-stop-shop here in Hong Kong.

As well as fresh produce, you can even pick up a pair of shoes, a new outfit, a bunch of flowers and even have a hot meal at the Smithfield Wet Market.

Talk about four floors of convenience!

(I still shop at the supermarket, but I think I may try out the wet market once I know a little more Cantonese!).

starting-with-a-blog-hong-kong-kennedy-town-13starting-with-a-blog-hong-kong-kennedy-town-11starting-with-a-blog-hong-kong-kennedy-town-28starting-with-a-vegesThe Streets of Kennedy Town

Kennedy Town is a great mix of old and new Hong Kong.


Within the Kennedy Town neighbourhood you can enjoy a great deal of traditional Chinese culture as well as emerging Western flare.

As more expats, like ourselves, move to K-Town the restaurant and bar scene is really picking up.

Wine bars, French bistros, cafes and pizzerias are dotted throughout the streets, making for fun-filled evenings!


I like to look up when I’m wandering the streets.

For some reason I find it really amusing seeing people’s washing hanging precariously from the old clotheslines strung out from their windows.

When taking to the streets, I always find something new to absorb.

A new florist and nursery shop, a book store that sells Chinese New Year decorations and stores that are just full of absolute junk!

But the locals seem to love them, and that’s all that matters I guess!


Ding-Ding Trams and Boats Galore

The beauty of Kennedy Town is that every type of transport is on offer!

You have the option of catching a crazy mini-bus that picks you up and drops you off anywhere, ride the old-school ding-ding tram, hop on the double decker bus and now you can catch the MTR! Woohoo!

This means the chaos of Central is only a 6 minute MTR journey for us now.

Happy Days indeed!

starting-with-a-blog-hong-kong-kennedy-town-8starting-with-a-blog-hong-kong-kennedy-town-10I didn’t mention that Kennedy Town is right on the water!

K-Town is actually home to one of the last remaining undeveloped strips of waterfront in Hong Kong (although probably not for long!).

You can easily stroll down the waterfront, aka the Public Cargo Working Area, to watch all the activity on the water and admire the views across to Kowloon (if it’s not too smoggy!).


Where: Kennedy Town, Hong Kong Island

How to get there: Catch the MTR on the Island Line to Kennedy Town station, it’s the last stop. You can also catch the tram and busses 1, 5 and 10 from Central.


So that’s a glimpse into what my new home of Kennedy Town has to offer!

I’m going to Bangkok for the Chinese New Year break, so next week expect photos with a Thai flavour! (Sounds delicious!).

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