The last few travel adventures of mine have been somewhat last minute.

When I first started to travel I was an over planner.

I was notorious for organising each element of my day down to the minute.

I would book a trip a year in advance, I knew how long it would take to get from the airport to the hotel and how many sights I could see each day for a month’s worth of travel.

But over the last year, I have started to travel with less of a plan.

Now I know this idea of travel isn’t for everybody and there are some obvious downfalls to having no plans.

But I’m advocating that the next time you travel, why not have a loose itinerary, because creating some ‘space’ when you travel has significant benefits.


+ Benefits of a Relaxed Travel Itinerary +


1. Flexibility Brings Freedom

Travelling without the restrictions of a super-tight schedule provides you with flexibility.

How many times have you arrived at a gorgeous location and longed to stay a few extra days? Or planned two separate tours for your destination and just wished you had time to explore on your own?

Having a loose itinerary provides you with the freedom to stay longer in a location that resonates with you and you get the amazing chance to genuinely get to know a place.


2. Rest and Relaxation


Not having to stick to a strict schedule or join a tour group enables you to embrace some well earned R’n’R if that’s what you’re after.

There’s nothing better than knowing you can sleep in, have a leisurely lunch, read your book by the pool or wander the streets till midnight whilst travelling.

When I was in the Greek Islands last year I had no plans. I knew what Islands we were visiting and that was it.

We spent a lot of the time just laying on our balcony sunning ourselves in Santorini, people watching on the beaches of Mykonos and devouring fried haloumi and fresh squid rings in Naxos.

When you’re not sticking to a strict travel schedule you’re in control and it’s all up to you.


3. Spirit of Adventure

Travelling sans itinerary offers ultimate freedom and provokes a spirit of adventure. You always hope that something wonderful is just around the corner.

Back to my Greek Island holiday, we randomly booked a high-end yacht cruise to watch the sunset over the Santorini sea. It was spontaneous, spectacular, we met some amazing people and it’s one of the fondest memories I have from travelling abroad.

Having space in your itinerary allows for spontaneity, and often this is when unexpected but beautiful memories are created.


4. Enjoy the Insight

Having more time up your sleeve when travelling allows you to experience your new location like a local.

You have the luxury of sitting in a local café and people watch whilst feeling the vibe. You can catch public transport and have conversations with the locals who will tell you all the off-the-beaten-track places you can explore.

Travelling without an itinerary will provide you with deep insight into your new location and help to create an authentic travel experience that you will always treasure.


So have I convinced you to have a relaxed itinerary the next time you travel?

All you have to do is just plan your general direction. Simple!


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