Welcome to Season 2 of the Feminine Business School podcast and episode 14!

After a little bit of a break I am excited to get back behind the mic and share what’s going on in Starting With A’s HQ, my take on running a successful and sustainable business and I also plan to interview some incredible feminine business leaders soon too!

This week I am sharing some BTS of my biggest and most successful launch to date. I recently shared with my clients a full and in depth recap of exactly what I did as a part of this launch, what worked, what didn’t and my plans for improvement next time around. 

But I thought it would be helpful for my awesome podcast listeners, that’s you, to highlight the 3 key things that ensured I had my most pleasurable and prosperous launch in my business so far. So let’s not mess about, let’s get into it.


Here’s what we’ll be covering:


++ Why my energy was my number one priority for this launch and the practical activities I completed to calibrate my body for success,

++ The impact of having a stressed out Nervous System on your magnetism and why it’s so important to be calibrating your body for a successful launch way BEFORE your launch goes live, 

++ How I created a new support team (both personally and professionally) to ensure my launch was pleasurable and profitable,

++ Why I ditched being everyone’s ‘friend’ during the launch and instead stepped into my Feminine Leadership….and the significant impact this had on the women who participated in the launch event and the dramatic impact it had on my bottom line.








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