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I approached Ainslie to help me translate my ‘normal voice’ into my ‘writing voice.’ I really wanted my natural personality to come through my copy and to clearly explain the work I do as a part of my website copy.

I was surprised (and grateful) of the in-depth marketing strategy that Ainslie combined with the copywriting techniques she shared with me. If you feel uncomfortable with writing copy because you don’t know how to craft your message, you will definitely learn more from Ainslie than attempting to do it yourself! Invest in your ability to write in a connecting, caring, genuine way.

Dr Katie Larson, Hong Kong

I was launching my website, but I was concerned that my words would not attract my ideal client. Ainslie quickly put me at ease and skilfully honed in on who it was that I wanted to attract to my business and what my key messages and services are. I appreciate that she quickly crafted smooth and appealing copy that accurately painted a picture of what I was thinking and feeling.

Ainslie is sweet and gentle and I wish that I had hired her sooner. I’ve already recommended her work to others!

Dr Katherine Dale, Hong Kong

When I was looking for someone to help me with copywriting to promote my workshops, I knew Ainslie would be the perfect person. Ainslie has this knack of just understanding what you need. She listens carefully and then delivers even more than you were anticipating!

I truly struggle writing about myself and my business, which leads to major procrastination! I’m very thankful to have someone help me write effective copy that clearly expresses what my services are, so I can attract the right clients and grow my business!

Ainslie doesn’t just write copy for you but, she also provides marketing strategies on what to do next once you have your copy. She really just has the whole ‘copywriting and strategic marketing package’ and she’s a total gem!

Nathalie Sommer, Hong Kong

I was hesitant to work with a copywriter, as I didn’t want to lose my personality or my business’s essence by having someone else write for me. Thankfully this wasn’t the case when I worked with Ainslie!

She was able to really hone in on my ideal clients for different areas of my business and then write compelling copy that clearly highlights my key messages and my business services. Ainslie’s copywriting has made it much easier for women who visit my site to quickly understand what my services are, how I can help them and how they can work with me!

I loved Ainslie’s encouraging attitude, honesty, zest, professionalism and her loving, caring personality. I highly recommend Ainslie and her work!

Corinne Conrad, Hong Kong

Ainslie really helped me get clear on my message, position me as an authority in my field and revamp my website copy, so it became more authentic to who I am and represents the many layers of my business. Her combined coaching/copywriting/strategic marketing skills greatly helped the process of creating the perfect copy for my target audience. She made me feel calm and clear throughout the process. I truly recommend Ainslie!

Kamilla Holst, Hong Kong

I hired Ainslie to write some fresh copy for my website’s About page. I was struggling to encapsulate everything that I wanted to say about our brand and jewellery pieces and I knew this was a key component of my brand’s website. The best thing about working with Ainslie was her ability to quickly understand our brand’s ethos and the way she brought our vision and products to life through her strategic and powerful copy. I won’t hesitate to come back to Ainslie when needed!

Kim Chamberlain, Melbourne Australia

I absolutely love working with Ainslie in my own business. She has an innate ability to help you uncover your hidden strengths and skills and turn them into business gold. Ainslie knows exactly what to look for and the right questions to ask to set you apart and hone in on what will make you stand out in your industry.
Her way with words combined with a wealth of knowledge and experience makes Ainslie a must have on your team. If you want to be known for something unique, have killer copy and look at your business from a whole new perspective than Ainslie is the girl for you.
Amy Mackenzie,  Australia
Ainslie is a genie when it comes to online marketing and launching! She not only walked me step-by-step through my entire launch plan, but also shared a number of valuable worksheets and resources that I will use for future launches.
Ainslie was so wonderful to work with. She’s down to earth, highly experienced, listened to my needs and she clearly defined a customised action plan for me. If you’re feeling stuck or just a little lost in the process of launching or online business, Ainslie is your girl!
Audrey SzeHong Kong
Working with Ainslie has helped me to get really clear on my own uniqueness and to package this into a signature offering that showcases my expertise and speaks directly to my ideal clients.
Her straightforward, down-to-earth approach empowered me with a renewed since of confidence in my expertise and offerings and helped me to identify and express all the hidden value within the packages I offer my clients.
Ainslie is one of those incredible women who combine heart, soul and strategy and I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Nikki Hennessy, Australia

When I decided I wanted to start a blog I knew Ainslie was the person I wanted to work with. Ainslie has a knack for simplifying the ‘in’s and out’s’ of blogging and online marketing which instantly put me at ease. In addition to providing me with strategic advice and practical steps, she also provides endless encouragement and support and best of all, holds me accountable! I highly recommend working with Ainslie.

Sandra Feran, Hong Kong

I recently worked with Ainslie as I wanted to enhance my business’s online presence. Ainslie took the time to get to know my business and helped me identify my ideal client and what online platforms I wanted to focus on. I now feel far more confident with blogging about my business and connecting with my clients through my weekly newsletter. Since working with Ainslie I’ve seen a significant increase in the open and click through rate for my newsletter and my clients have commented that my online content has enhanced their experience in class.

Sheryl Feniger, Hong Kong

After graduating from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy I wanted to learn how to effectively and authentically promote my business online, as I had no content creation or promotion strategies. I also wanted help creating really unique packages that stood out and showcased all of my skills and expertise.

After working with Ainslie I am SO much clearer on my niche and as a result I’ve secured more clients! I now have beautiful offerings (my Signature Services) that I’m really proud of and excited by because they draw on my unique gifts. I have more knowledge overall of how to use social media more effectively – I learnt so much! I also have a plan of attack for blogging and promoting thanks to Ainslie teaching me about an editorial calendar.

Ainslie made me work really hard, but was always encouraging and understanding. She was great at providing critical feedback and suggestions on my work in a really gentle way. My series was a wonderful combination of coaching and consulting. Ainslie is a great coach!

Emma Waters, Yoga Instructor, Coach, Australia

I’d been on a long road trying to find the perfect coach. I wanted to work with someone who really walked the talk and was able to give genuine results. That’s why I was excited to come across Ainslie and her work, as she was the coach I was hoping for!

One of the best investments and decisions I’ve ever made was working with Ainslie. She helped me become even clearer about what kind of coach I want to be and whom I want to serve, ultimately bringing my business dreams to life!

Gretchell Yaneza, Artist, Holistic Voice Coach, Spiritual Development Guide and Spiritual Healing Facilitator, Hong Kong

When I first connected with Ainslie I was feeling quite exhausted and a little disheartened after consistently putting out great content and pushing for months and months to attract more coaching clients, with only some success. I was also at a cross roads with my design business and knew something had to change. In my personal life, I was lacking energy and unhappy with my weight. 

As a result of working with Ainslie I’m focused and have direction of what I can offer and deliver to my coaching clients – and that feels amazing!  Becoming clear on my ‘why,’ my original vision, and uncovering my ideal client has been invaluable.  Ainslie also helped me craft signature programs with feels great!

Even my friends have noticed that I’ve increased my enthusiasm around my coaching business and have clearer direction on where I am going. 

Separate to my coaching business I’ve lost 6kg making a change to my diet and I’ve found much needed direction around my design business and I know where I would like to go with it. Overall, working with Ainslie was an awesome experience!

Rebecca Reed, Life & Relationships Coach, Australia

I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome in my one-on-one session with Ainslie! She instantly made me feel comfortable & at ease, picked up on all the right things & clearly reflected them back to me, which made me feel heard and understood. Our time together felt inspiring and uplifting & I was given all the right tools to help work on myself in a way that resonated with me. Ainslie also helped me gain clarity on my Big Vision for my business and life and as a result of our goal setting work I’m now ready to take the next steps towards my bigger vision! Ainslie is a truly sweet little soul and I have a lot of admiration for her and her work. Thanks Ainslie – you rock!

Nathalie Sommer, Hong Kong

My major goals focused on getting things moving in my coaching business, gaining clarity on my message and feeling confident sharing it with the world. I also wanted to bring more feminine energy into my life and business, as I find that I’m naturally more inclined to be in my masculine energy.

Ainslie helped me to feel really confident in myself and my business! I now feel aligned with my message, and I can speak confidently about what I do. I even started a Facebook group, (which is quickly growing and highly engaged) and am doing regular Facebook Live trainings…something I never though I’d do! 

My colleagues and friends have even noticed that my business niche and message now seems really aligned with who I am. They’ve even commented on how much they love what I’m putting out into the world in terms of my social media content.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, Ainslie!

Hayley Tapper, Success Mindset Coach, Australia

When I started my coaching series with Ainslie I had a lot of ideas but zero direction. She quickly helped me pinpoint what was truly important for my business and take direct action. As a result, I successfully completed a number of big projects including crafting my Signature Coaching Series, hiring an intern and hosting my very first coaching event.

Since working with Ainslie I’ve been far more confident to go for BIG business things instead of wading in the shallow end. People have also been taking notice and are impressed with what I’m doing. Working with Ainslie was amazing because I now know I can build the business of my dreams!

Alli Knoth,  TEXAS, USA

When I first started my coaching series, I was really struggling with the new structure in my life around my job, taking my health to the next level, and giving myself the time I needed to dive into my studies. Ainslie helped me set really powerful goals that lit me up and got me excited to dive in. During my coaching series I went through one of the toughest experiences of my life. Ainslie’s grace, compassion and belief helped me move through that period in my life. Even my husband and family remarked that they were in awe of the way I faced the recent challenges. As a result of coaching with Ainslie I’ve deepened my self-love practice, removed those heavy feelings of guilt, and developed an incredible level of trust in the natural flow of life. This has been profound in how I live my life. I’m so appreciative of everything Ainslie has done, said, and given in order for me to become so incredibly happy in my own skin. I feel more joy than I’ve felt before and often catch myself smiling for no apparent reason, other than I love my life!

Kate Caddle, Gold Coast, Australia

A session with Ainslie was a breath of fresh air. So powerful to have someone use a combination of intuition and deep questioning to really get to the guts of what it was I truly ‘needed’ to focus in on. Ainslie has the most warm and loving approach to her work, combined with an ability to make you feel incredibly awesome and clear. Thank you so much for helping me shift some perspectives, dig a little deeper and recognise my progress, potential and power!

Sarah Tamburrini, Bangkok, Thailand

Going into my coaching series with Ainslie I was excited and I was ready to work! I’d just started my new career as a Marketing Strategist and Creative Consultant and wanted help in taking me to the next level in my life and business. As a result of coaching with Ainslie I was able to get clear on my business “Why,” launch my new website out into the world and learn to prioritise self-care so I can live a lighter and more carefree life (which is so important when running your own business!). I found the coaching series clarifying, challenging and positive and I’m now committed to my goals as a whole-of-life journey.

Bec Dujin, Newcastle, Australia

I was keen to work with Ainslie as I had just moved abroad after a very stressful job and was looking to focus on taking better care of myself. I also wanted to create daily habits that would enrich my life and not drain it. Talking through my goals with Ainslie brought my intentions into a sharper focus. It’s one thing to let these goals roll around in your head, but it’s a game changer to put them on paper and be held accountable AND achieve them! As a result of coaching with Ainslie I have completely shifted the level of importance I give to self-love and learned that neglecting myself negatively impacts my career, my relationships and ultimately my inner-happiness. I now give pause to my day to think about what I need and how I can meet those needs. It’s been such a revelation and a truly life changing experience. I’m so grateful to Ainslie!

Camie Berardi, Boston, USA

Ainslie helped to blast away the cobwebs, which gave me clarity and stopped me from procrastinating about what I needed to do next! I started taking consistent action, which was needed to help me achieve my goals. After coaching with Ainslie I’m much braver and bolder in my life and businesses. Fear no longer keeps me small. I feel the fear and do it anyway! Working with Ainslie is Inspiring, Uplifting & Kick Ass!

Claire Hearn, London, United Kingdom

Working with Ainslie at such a difficult time in my life has been a totally life-changing experience for me. She’s helped me find and develop skills that have taught me how to pick myself up and move on from adversity (of which there’s been a lot this year), to the point where friends and family have commented on how inspiringly positive I have been, particularly through recent events in my life. 
Hearing that kind of feedback from friends and family has reaffirmed that this was definitely the right move for me, and that Ainslie is a great Life Coach! For anyone who has ever considered getting a Life Coach, I would strongly urge you to give it a go! I can’t begin to recommend Ainslie enough and you don’t even have to be in Hong Kong, as she can do all of your consultations over Skype!

Laurie Winskill, Hong Kong

I went into coaching wanting to feel supported and to be in a safe place where I could be myself. This is exactly what Ainslie provided. One of my biggest fears was ‘being seen’ in my business and Ainslie quickly helped me to work through this limiting belief. As a result of coaching with Ainslie I’ve included pictures of myself on my website, social media platforms, I regularly use Periscope and I’m about to launch a YouTube series! Ainslie also helped me build my confidence around copywriting (I always believed I couldn’t write!) and other important aspects of my online business. My friends have even noticed that I’m far more visible in my business, my confidence has grown and I’m taking positive action!

Vinnie Gill, Sydney, Australia

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