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Switch confusion with clarity in less than 60 minutes!

Sounds good right?

Have you ever:

  • Felt stuck, confused and overwhelmed with a certain situation and wished for a clear answer to pop up?
  • Wanted a supportive structure to work through to find the answers you’re looking for?
  • Wondered if you can actually find those answers within (without a coach), to solve your problems and propel yourself forward to live the life you desire? Here’s the good news – YOU CAN!

This quick and easy DIY mini-coaching guide has been crafted with the sole purpose of helping you get unstuck, drop the overwhelm and regain your powerful sense of direction and purpose again!

‘Mind Wide Open’ provides you with a step-by-step guide to swiftly replace confusion with clarity and includes:

  • Completing a fun current ‘Life Snapshot’
  • Diving deep into your feelings and unlocking the beautiful vision you have for yourself
  • Releasing and deleting your limiting beliefs which are holding you back
  • Creating a simple and inspiring action plan to help you bust through fear, get unstuck and catapult you into action!

Want The Clarity & Connection Meditation too?

I’m thrilled to also gift you a highly effective and professionally recorded meditation by the amazing Claire Obeid of The Wellness Project (Claire is my meditation guru). Claire’s meditation is designed to help you bring more clarity and connection into your life, which will support the important work you do as a part of the DIY Mini-Coaching Guide. It really is awesome!

“Although this resource is called a ‘mini’ coaching guide, it is so full of in depth
information including some fantastic tools and techniques to help you gain clarity around what it is you truly want and then how to take that clarity and turn it into inspired action. Ainslie takes you on a beautiful journey from start to finish and I am sure with this powerful resource by your side you will be able to take your self development journey even further and take the steps you’ve been dreaming of.”

Amy Mackenzie

“I love Ainslie’s DIY mini coaching session resource. It’s a great way to work through the haze and take inspired action when you’re confused or stuck. Ainslie is an incredible coach and this is the next best thing to working with her one-on-one. What a treat for those who use it!”

Naomi Arnold

“Ainslie has created a powerful and valuable bundle of tools that will help you move away from overwhelm and into a peaceful and perfect state of clarity.

If you’re feeling stuck in any aspect of your life I highly recommend working your way through Ainslie’s ‘Mind Wide Open’ DIY Mini-Coaching Guide. It’s a game changer!”

Kamilla Holst

Switch Confusion With Clarity in Life & Business

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