A one-on-one intensive copywriting coaching program designed for service-based femme bosses who want to banish overwhelm, boost their self-confidence and learn how to write copy that dramatically enhances their bottom line.

Does this sound like you?

top-contentYou begrudgingly sit down at your desk and stare at a blank document. The cursor flashes away and you feel the anxiety mounting.

You know you have to write copy for your website, sales page, email autoresponder series, new ebook etc. etc. but you literally can’t find the words. You simply don’t know where to start and because of this, you’d rather go and scrub the bathroom!

But you tell yourself to get on with it and you type a few paragraphs of muddled up sentences. You reread them and in hurried frustration you delete them in horror. “That just sounds like pure crap,” or “that doesn’t sound like me!” you hear yourself say.

You start again but feel more confused about your message and your confidence starts to slide. To feel ‘productive’ you then Google your peers and start scrolling through their websites – their copy seems to clearly represent their work and you can easily hear their unique voice connecting with their client, causing you to feel sick with the dreaded ‘comparisonitis!’ As a result, your confidence takes an even bigger nosedive.

In an attempt to boost yourself back up you decide to check your inbox. You become excited because you have an enquiry from a potential client – but then you feel deflated because they’re confused about the services you offer as they’re not clear on your website.

You start to fall into that deep dark spiral of mean girl thoughts. “If I can’t even express what I do and who I help am I even in the RIGHT business? More importantly, should I even BE in business?” Then the old smelly chestnut creeps into your mind “Maybe I should JUST GO and get a J.O.B!”

In an act of defiance you give up and push this copywriting task to the side. You tell yourself that you’ll deal with it tomorrow….first thing! But deep down you know that writing promotional copy for your business will remain on your to do list for the rest of the week, maybe even month or let’s face it….possibly a year!

Hey, it’s Ainslie Young from ‘Starting With A’ here! Based on my work as a copywriter, online marketing consultant and certified life coach, I’ve created a unique, highly effective and intensive copywriting coaching program that will help you craft copy that connects with and converts incredible clients every time your fingers dance across your keyboard.

“Every time?!” I hear you say. Yes, every time!

In your customised, 1-on-1 coaching program I’ll provide you with everything you need to kick start your copywriting success including done-for-you templates, in-depth and strategic worksheets, practical writing tips and tricks and of course my professional coaching, personal support and constant cheerleading as we create your copy together!

As Seen In

As part of Write On!, your one-on-one intensive copywriting coaching program you’ll receive:

  • My initial ‘Curious About Your Copy’ questionnaire (to help get you thinking about your copywriting goals),

  • My signature ‘Kick Start My Copy’ Pre-Work Package which includes indepth and transformative worksheets that will help you create the very best writing foundations for your copy makeover!

  • Detailed writing guides for your specific pieces of content, including tailored writing prompts and recommendations that I’ll guide you through, so we can fast track your writing success.

  • 2 x copywriting coaching sessions where we work collaboratively on your specific piece/s of content and you’ll learn all the tips and tricks of professional copywriters, so you apply them again and again when creating future content.

  • Beautifully crafted piece/s of content that you can now use to promote your awesome business and magnetise your ideal clients towards you, STAT! Think a services page that sells, email newsletters that actually get opened and read.

  • A personalised ‘Celebrating Success Video Summary’ to reflect on your awesome progress and provide you with specific and practical writing recommendations emailed to your inbox. You can add this recording to your Success Library and refer to whenever you need a refresh.

  • An email ‘Accountability Check In’ 14 days after the completion of your program to see how you’re tracking and answer any questions you might have (If you’ve got Q’s I’ll give you the A’s!).

Your Yummy Bonuses:

  • My signature ‘Killer Content Planner’ which will ensure you ALWAYS start writing with a clear and effective strategy. With my signature planner you will kick overwhelm to the curb and never feel lost writing again!

  • My ‘’How To Score The Best Testimonials Ever” template where I share my ‘done for you script.’ You’ll receive incredible testimonials highlighting the wonderful results you’ve helped your clients achieve. No awkward conversations – just a simple and powerful email that gets results!

Extra Bonus:

If you loved collaborating and you refer other awesome femme bosses to my Write On! one-on-one intensive copywriting program, I’ll gladly swing you a $100 US finders fee AND a 10% discount on any future copywriting collaborations we do!

What People Are Saying

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that you could confidently write your own killer copy and as a result enjoy dream clients and a thriving business?

Your Invitation:

Work with me 1-on-1, In this intensive and action based coaching program for just 2 x payments $490 USD.


Who is Write On! for?

I’ll admit that this copywriting coaching program isn’t for everyone. However, if the below sounds like you and your vibrations start to rise as you read through, then we should definitely collaborate on crafting wonderful words together!

Write On! Is for you if:

  • You’re a boss babe who is a creative, coach or wellness practitioner,

  • You’re sick of wasting time feeling overwhelmed and confused when it comes to content creation and writing copy for all aspects of your business,

  • You want to feel confident and clear 100% of the time when sharing your message and promoting your business via the written word,

  • You don’t have the budget to pay a copywriter every single time you need a piece of content written to perfection,

  • YOU personally want to be equipped with the skills to write powerful and effective copy that brings in more clients…so YOU can replicate this time and time again,

  • You want your unique voice and message to shine through your copy rather than having a professional writer attempt to replicate what you’re all about,

  • You want to feel guided, supported and inspired by working 1-on-1 with an experienced coach, copywriter and online marketing consultant,

  • You like practical tips and individual feedback that will help you easily express yourself and promote your business online through your writing,

  • You are ready to learn, implement and achieve amazing results with your new-found copywriting prowess!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that you could confidently write your own killer copy and as a result enjoy dream clients and a thriving business?

Your Invitation:

Work with me 1-on-1, In this intensive and action based coaching program for just 2 x payments $490 USD.


My personal “Copy Love” Guarantee – If you’re


with your customised copywriting coaching package please let me know. My ‘Write On!’ package comes with my



Have Questions?



  • How is the training delivered?

    The Write On! Program is pretty simple. First you let me know what your copy and content needs are, plus where you’re getting stuck via this form.

    Once we’re on the same page I’ll create a specific Google Docs folder just for you. This is where we’ll collaborate, communicate and write wonderful words about you and your business.

    From there you’ll be given some powerful questions to answer, which will form the basis of your copywriting project. I’ll also provide a thorough explanation so you’re 100% clear on what you need to do to write wonderful words.

    You will write these wonderful words, whether it’s for your About page, Professional Bio, Newsletter auto responder in this shared folder and I’ll provide detailed written feedback and coaching directly on your work, as well as provide an audio recording for further explanation if required.

    We will do this twice on each piece of content we’re working on so you learn as you go, implement your new skills AND finish with an incredible piece of content that’s effective and most important, you’re PROUD of.

    We’ll then wrap up your program by me sending you a personalised ‘ Celebrating Success Video Summary’ where I reflect on your awesome progress and provide you with additional writing recommendations and things to keep in mind when creating future content!

  • Why have you designed your program this way?

    Great question!

    I believe that YOU are the best person to write about your business and you have a unique voice that your ideal clients want to hear! YOU are also the BEST person to share your AMAZING message with the world…not me!

    Plus, I’m incredibly passionate about TEACHING other femme bosses copywriting tips and tricks so they can apply them to their own content EVERY TIME they write and promote their business (and let’s face it…we need to create a lot of written content for the online world!). So the copywriting tips and tricks I teach are essential skills to have in your business tool belt.

  • What is it like working with you in this way? Why don’t we have any ‘face-to-face’ time?

    I’m a huge advocate of collaboration, hence why we work together on your copy!
    I’ve had great success working with my copywriting clients in this way.

    This copywriting program has been designed to be an ‘in action’ style of coaching. During a traditional face-to-face coaching session you usually use this time to discuss ideas and provide feedback.

    However, the way I’ve designed ‘Write On!’ allows for instant action, so you can implement what you’re learning straight away and my feedback will follow.

    Plus, I know you’re a busy lady! You may not have time in your hectic day to dedicate an hour towards a coaching session. And when it comes to writing copy, a 3 month coaching series just isn’t feasible. You’re all about action and instant gratification – you want your copy all fresh and sparkly NOW!

    In short, I find it’s best that you work on your words in your time.

    Then I pour my time and energy into reviewing and editing your work plus provide coaching, in both written and audio form.

    That way you’ll be able to see my feedback directly on your piece of content as well as listen back to my feedback whenever you need a refresher.

    Also, when YOU write your copy, your unique voice and personality will shine through. PLUS, you’re implementing your newfound skills as you go, so you’re more likely to retain what I’m teaching you!

    This means you’ll stop wasting your precious time feeling lost and overwhelmed AND you won’t have to worry about spending money working with a copywriter because now YOU can confidently write killer copy that will help to grow your beautiful business!

  • How is working with you in this way different to other copywriters?

    I’m excited to take a different approach and rather than creating magical words FOR you, I’ll create magical words WITH you.

    This means you’ll walk away from our time together with beautiful content that does exactly what it’s meant to (grow your business and enhance your bottom line) AND you’ll have the skills, knowledge and confidence to craft kick ass copy yourself!

  • Is there a word limit on the 3 pieces of content?

    Yes and No. When I say I’m happy to work on 3 pieces of content with you I’m envisaging an About Page, Services Pages (for one service) and Media Page as an example. Or if you have three different services (eg. Design, Web development, Photography) this may equate to your 3 pieces of content. Or maybe you want to work on a really mammoth sales page for a launch you’re doing and update your professional bio? If you don’t fit into these or you’re unsure, don’t panic! I like to think of myself as flexible and accommodating, so if you’re unsure and want to fill me in on your needs, just send me an email ainslie@startingwitha.com and we can nut it out!

  • How quickly can we turn my copy around and finish my copywriting coaching program?

    We work together over a period of 4 weeks and in this time you will work on crafting 3 pieces of amazing content while being individually coached along the way.

    Of course it’s up to you the pace that you set with your coaching program and how far you wish to take your copy.

    Also it’s important to note that in copywriting terms, you have 2 sets of revisions on each piece of content. But I offer MORE than revisions. My revisions also include coaching, which means I provide direct feedback on your piece of content and explain from a copywriting point of view any suggestions/edits etc.

    This means that you’ll feel empowered to write incredible copy during your coaching program and afterwards!

    Think Strategy + Structure = Freedom….in both life and business!

Have more Questions -

Drop me an email with all your Q’s ainslie@startingwitha.com and


I'd love for you to take some time and answer the questions below. This will help me understand your copywriting needs and how I can best help you craft copy that connects and converts, so you can help more clients and grow your beautiful business!

I look forward to reading through your responses and

I’ll get back to you ASAP!

- Ainslie x


Ask Questions -

  • Your Name:

  • Your Website URL:

  • Please share the URL's of your relevant social media accounts:

  • Which web pages or pieces of content are you wanting to work on? You can choose up to 3 (depending on length).

  • Are you working with a designer for this project? If so, please share their name or agency.

  • If you have a launch date or deadline for this work, what is it?

  • Please share with me what areas of your copy that you love and why. Also, I'd love for you to share what you dislike about your current copy and why.

  • What do you need your copy to do? What are you hoping to achieve with a 'copy makeover'?

  • What are the biggest challenges you face when writing copy for your business?

  • When you sit down to write copy for your business, what feelings bubble up to the surface? (Share the good, bad and the ugly!).

  • What's your big, beautiful goal in regards to writing copy for your business?

  • If your big, beautiful goal for your copy came true, how would that make you feel? Go nuts with your feelings! ;)

  • If you have questions or concerns, please share them with me!


It’s going to be a blast!

- Ainslie x

PS. Still sitting on the fence and you’re not quite sure if ‘Write On!’ is for you?

Have a think what would it feel like knowing that YOU can write the words that your ideal clients needs to read and as a result they will be bursting to work with you? How would you feel when writing for your business becomes easeful, fun and maybe just a tad addictive? I think the answer to the above questions would be ‘’Freaking Amazing!” If you’d like to attract more clients and clients who YOU actually want to work with AND you want to fall in love with writing for your business (because let’s face it….we have to do it oh so often!), then it just makes sense that ‘Write On!’ is the perfect coaching program for you! What are you waiting for Lovely!?